Early Childhood Care and Education Authority

Early Years Education Services   

Pre-School Services

We offer:

  • Zonal Pre-School services
  • Play centers
  • Toy Library
  • Children/parents/teachers information services
  • Library and documentation services
  • Computer/internet services
  • Training facilities
  • Multi-media services

Equity & Access

  • Equitable access of all children aged between 3-5 years to a suitable pre-school setting
  • Construction of pre-school units in regions of greatest social need
  • Payment of a per capita grant of Rs 200. to children aged 4 attending their last years in a pre-school.

Regulatory framework

  • Facilitate and ensure compliance of existing and forthcoming new regulations
  • Administer payment of per capita grant
  • Manage one-off grant to private registered pre-schools
  • Operate PSTF pre-schools
  • Conduct and monitor the registration/re-registration exercise and deliver relevant licenses and permits (pre-schools and child-minders)


Pre-School Programme Guidelines (CURRICULUM)

  • Conduct consultative workshops with stakeholders on the pre-school programme guidelines (curriculum)
  • Develop in collaboration with all stakeholders support materials that is child-centered and play-based
  • Provide support services to practioners for the implementation of the pre-school programme guidelines (curriculum)


Capacity Building & Career Development

  • Offer in service training to pre-school practioners
  • Organise thematic workshops at national and regional levels
  • Promote interactive/peer learning at cluster level
  • support training programmes
  • Develop career path



  • Promote policy dialogue with all stakeholders (parents, mangers, unions, NGO's, local authorities, training institutions, regional and international ECD organisations)
  • Offer a common platform for exchanges of ideas/projects pertaining to child development and education.
  • Develop joint programmes between PSTF pre-Schools and private pre-schools.
  • Network with local and international agencies.



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